Ultimate Treatment & Colour

Last updated by John Hubbard on November 18, 2019 15:06

Enhancing & Changing Colour

Colour can be refreshed after the 1st shampoo with a true (non-oxidising) semi-permanent colour or you can use any colour after 2 days.

Your client’s hair will need to be shampooed prior to having their next colour.

Colour Fading

With extremely porous hair, certain colour categories may occasionally reduce from the hair in terms of the tone and intensity. Your client should be informed if you feel that this is a possibility as their colour may be new and they prefer to wait a few weeks until their colour is due.

An Intense Boost treatment is a great option to see them through those few weeks.

The temperature of the irons can be reduced at any point if you notice the colour fading during the ironing process (do not reduce below 180°C/360°F)