Ultimate Treatment's Three Key Compounds

Last updated by John Hubbard on January 06, 2022 11:59

  • TRIPROTAMEND contains proteins with small molecules that diffuse rapidly into the cuticle and cortex, reacting with the hair’s natural Keratin. They fill in defects, restructuring and strengthening the hair. The positively-charged amino acids and proteins attach to the negatively-charged hair, establishing reconstruction and repair, combating frizz and the effects of humidity. As the hair is ironed, it seals in the new enhanced structure for up to 4 months.
  • HYDRORYZIN is packed with rich hydration ingredients that endow a great moisture balance within the hair. This enables our proteins to deliver maximum power, restructuring and rebuilding the hair.
  • BOTANISET is a compound of African and Amazonian fruit and plant extracts, selected to help keep the treatment sealed in for maximum performance and longevity. This complex is included in our Ultimate and Intense Boost treatments as well as in our homecare shampoos, conditioners & masks.