The Products That Make Up Ultimate Treatment

Last updated by John Hubbard on November 18, 2019 15:10

  • PRE-TREATMENT CLEANSER opens the cuticles and softens the hair. It has a low 6.5 pH and is sodium chloride and sulphate free.
  • PRE-TREATMENT SPRAY PLUS regulates the moisture/protein balance of the hair with low 3.5 pH proteins to ensure the treatment penetrates evenly. Contains hydrolysed carob seed extract to hydrate & strengthen.
  • ULTIMATE TREATMENT repairs, rebuilds, smooths and straightens all hair types. It contains Triprotamend, Hydroryzin, Botaniset and has a low 2.5pH.
  • ULTIMATE BOOSTER (optional) delivers greater straightening power for very curly, resistant, virgin and Afro-Caribbean hair. This additive is like a turbo for Ultimate Treatment, enhancing the penetration of our proteins into the cuticles and cortex, enabling greater straightening power. It has a low 2.0pH.
  • MOISTURE LOCK replenishes the hair and adds hydration without creating a barrier. It has a low 4.0 pH, and contains multiple oils including Argan, Coconut, Sunflower and Macadamia, as well as hydrolysed wheat proteins.