Ultimate Treatment Step 4 - Drying & Ironing

Last updated by John Hubbard on July 11, 2018 12:47

Blow dry hair 100%. Brushes, high heat and a nozzle may all be used at this stage. We recommend that the hair is blast dried before finishing with a brush to best prepare the hair for ironing. Ends should always be smooth before ironing.

Iron hair slowly in 2 - 3 cm sections using the EasyComb.

1ST PASS - iron the hair slowly (using the EasyComb and KeraStraight Titanium Irons) from roots to ends in one smooth motion to seal in the smoothness. Allow each section to cool for 2 seconds after this 1st pass before continuing.

Continue ironing using the recommended heat setting and number of passes. The ends will often need fewer passes. Always follow through each pass of the iron with the EasyComb to ensure that every end is sealed, ensuring maximum repair and strength.

Never iron white or lightest blonde hair above 190ºC/375ºF

FINAL PASS - For the ultimate final finish, give the hair one final pass with the irons set at 180°C/355°F in giant sections. This will create a polished seal to any weak ends, leaving the hair looking and feeling absolutely gorgeous.

Apply up to 1 drop of KeraStraight Ultimate Oil to calm any flyaway hair and to create the perfect KeraStraight finish.