Intense Boost - Step by Step

Last updated by John Hubbard on August 14, 2020 16:06


Cleanse twice with KeraStraight Pre-Treatment Cleanser (do not use Pre-Treatment Cleanser on recent KeraStraight, bright colours or immediately after colour). Rinse, do not comb through.


Apply either Protein Mask or Moisture Mask in 2-3cm/1 inch sections. 10 - 20ml is usually sufficient depending on hair type, but very long and thick hair may need more.

Take a pinch of treatment and massage through the hair in large sections. Comb through. Tangles will be easily removed just by working through the treatment into the hair in this way.


Dry 100% using a medium heat hair dryer (without a brush)


Rinse thoroughly.

The Result

Beautifully conditioned, healthier, shinier, more luxurious hair.

Benefits last up to one month.