Utilising Canvas

Last updated by John Hubbard on March 23, 2018 09:45

“KeraStraight creates a canvas for us to do whatever work we want to do. The base and structure of the hair has to be good, for example, if you’re razor cutting hair and the hair isn’t in good shape then it’s going to really stress it out. Whether it be my model or my client, I can create the condition I need which gives me maximum freedom when cutting.”

Tom Connell, Creative Director of the Trevor Sorbie Art Team.

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  2. In-Salon
    • In consultations...talk about how KeraStraight treatments and styling products create the Canvas you need to give your clients the hair quality and styles they want
    • Treat your team to a KeraStraight treatment and always have walking adverts who can testify about the benefits
  3. Canvas Blogs
    • Head over to Canvas section on our website and get clued up on the trends from CANVAS as explored by Creative Director, Tom Connell.
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  4. The Story Behind "Thanks... It's KeraStraight"
    "I got thinking about how people react when someone compliments what they’re wearing and thought, this is so KeraStraight."
    Tom Connell, Creative Director of the Trevor Sorbie Art Team