The KeraStraight Consultation

Last updated by John Hubbard on March 22, 2018 10:39

The easiest, quickest and simplest way to discover every client’s hair issues

The best way of opening up the discussion on KeraStraight is to ask your client one simple question:

"Tell me about your hair..."

It’s amazing how these 5 little words get your client talking about what they are most unhappy about with their hair and what they want to change. This simple question encourages the client to open up about what they struggle with and tell us all we need to know.

If you’ve looked after your client before, this can easily be adapted to, “Tell me, how’s your hair been?”

Other great consultations questions to ask are:

How long does it take you to style your hair? Does it last?

How often do you love your hair?

It’s also important to ask your client "What do you want from your hair?". Often they just want it easier, quicker to do and better conditioned.