Team Launch

Last updated by John Hubbard on May 09, 2018 14:27

The success of any new service depends on one thing - your salon team. And it’s no different when it comes to KeraStraight. The key to maximising potential depends on two very important elements: education and excitement. With a few simple steps, you can make sure your team are not only as passionate as you are, but are equipped with the knowledge to turn their enthusiasm into bookings.

  • Start the show · First off, hold a practical workshop to demonstrate Ultimate Treatment, Intense Boost, and the care and styling products too. Where possible, use your own team as models to give them a new perspective and turn them into walking advertisements for the benefits of KeraStraight for every client.
  • Get creative · Hold a creative session with the team, where the hot topic is the exciting range of clients that will benefit from KeraStraight treatments and products. Even pick out some of your regulars which would be a great match — it’s a great way to demonstrate how versatile KeraStraight is.
  • Appoint an ambassador · After working with the whole team, appoint a KeraStraight Ambassador from your team. It’ll be their responsibility to roll out the training programme, cover any promotional activity, and act as the go-to source of information on the salon floor.
  • Positive promotion · Get the team involved in promotional ideas for KeraStraight in your salon and social. Be sure to use our social handles and hashtags to show us your results!
  • Talk the talk · When it comes to KeraStraight, it’s all about asking the right questions. Simply asking “Tell me about your hair” rather than “What can I do for you today”, will put your team in a much more natural position to recommend KeraStraight rather than just offer a simple cut. The client may not even know what KeraStraight can offer, so it’s important to start the conversation proactively.
  • Build a buzz · Of course, it’s important to consistently keep KeraStraight in mind, but some competitive edge can always assist in a push. Perhaps hold a quarterly award or competition for who can upsell the most KeraStraight treatments or products, or you commend those that really think out of the box when it comes to capturing their results.
  • Get Qualified · Encourage your team to take the KeraStraight Course & Exam. This will expand their knowledge and confidence and focus them on offering KeraStraight treatments to many more clients.