Will KeraStraight Work on Afro-Caribbean Hair?

Last updated by John Hubbard on May 10, 2018 16:02

Yes. Ultimate Treatment works brilliantly on very curly hair, including Afro-Caribbean. The tightest curls will be softened and relaxed as opposed to completely straightened.

We have been blown away by the transformations and results KeraStraight has provided by smoothing and repairing a variety of Afro-Caribbean hair types, whether it’s loose curls or the tightest coils.

KeraStraight delivers manageability, shine and softness to the hair each and every time so we know it will delight our clients, reduce their styling time and help make gorgeous hair easy to achieve.

Calvin Rattray
Managing Director / Hype Coiffure - KeraStraight Afro-Caribbean Ambassador