Fringe Benefits

Last updated by John Hubbard on October 23, 2016 16:43

At  Fringe Benefits, wanting amazing hair every day is where our philosophy lies. Not just for ourselves but all of our clients. We encourage the best haircare as a matter of routine so that everyone can have the freedom to do whatever they like with their hair. All of our team are encouraged to care about our client's hair rather than the money. With this approach, the rewards follow automatically. Care about the hair and the money will follow.


As we care about our customers, we always talk to them about the health of their hair. We ask them if they want their hair to look Amazing or would you just prefer OK. We explain how their cut or colour would be fantastic with KeraStraight’s Intense Boost treatments, it helps develop the best maintenance, improves the hair's condition, nourishes and adds great shine to their hair, and we recommend they have this add-on service every time they come to see us.

Ultimate Boost

When I was informed about the Ultimate Boost treatment I was so excited to see if it could deliver even more improvement to the hair, so we tried it and was amazed. My customers do not mind spending an extra £10 to pamper their hair. All my Intense Boost customers now have Ultimate Boost and new customers are advised the same.

We started treating clients to Ultimate Boost and saw huge growth with nearly one treatment per day within two months.

Ultimate Boost is the next level of improved treatments to maximise hair health strength, nourishment and high shine.

It goes without saying that our customers that have had the full KeraStraight 4 monthly treatment take advantage of Intense and Ultimate boosts once a month to maintain, enhance and the life of the treatment.

My advice to all salons is; if you want to make a difference to how your clients walk out of your salon, you have to give this a go.

Also from a business point of view, the benefit of happy customers is a happy team on great commissions and a happy Salon owner.