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Last updated by John Hubbard on October 23, 2016 16:46

If you’re considering KeraStraight for your salon, you’ll want to know what you can expect from our ground-breaking range of treatments and products. According to Josie O’Sullivan, owner of B in the City hair and beauty salon, “My stylists love KeraStraight, clients love it and I love the huge impact it has made on my business. I asked a client what she liked about KeraStraight,” added Josie. “She said, ‘It has changed my life!’”

These are the types of reactions you can expect when you partner with KeraStraight. Interesting in knowing more? In this case study, we take a closer look at how KeraStraight has revolutionised business at Salon B in the City, and how it can do the same for your salon too. But first…

Introducing B in the City

Located in the heart of Birmingham’s busy city centre, B in the City offers ‘high style - low maintenance’ treatments to guys and girls. Welcomed into a chilled environment, busy clients can unwind, sit back and let the stylists work their magic.

“The client is at the centre of everything we do,” said Josie. “Client satisfaction, providing excellent services and using only the very best products available on the market is fundamental to our ethos.”

The unique selling point that gives Josie’s salon the edge over the competition is their multicultural appeal. “Our clients are from all over the world,” added Josie. “Very multicultural.” Catering for diverse clients with all types of European, Afro-Caribbean and mixed race hair, B in the City attracts business from far and wide. With the stylists’ expert know-how and experience, clients are confident they’ll get the best service every time, which is why they come back time and time again!

A smooth service with KeraStraight

When KeraStraight was enthusiastically recommended in 2010 by her brother, Brendan from Brendan O’Sullivan’s Hair & Beauty, Josie decided it was time to see the effects for herself. Instantly hooked, she started using KeraStraight. Since this time, B in the City’s stylists have been trained to deliver KeraStraight treatments and, six months ago, the salon adopted our styling products too.

KeraStraight products have clearly made quite an impression on the salon’s stylists, who now regularly incorporate KS Ultimate, Intense Boost, Ultimate Oil and the innovative KS style range into their services as standard.

A true source of inspiration

If you’re worried about introducing new treatments and products into your salon, relax. It needn’t be an intimidating process. With KeraStraight, you’ll receive ongoing support to ensure the transition is enjoyable and inspiring for the whole team.

Before the KeraStraight launch at B in the City, the brand’s founder and MD Jez Barnett, delivered an exciting hand-on training session. Instantly loving the outstanding effects of the products, Josie and her stylists were raring to try out each and every single product.

Experiencing KeraStraight’s treatments and products on their own hair also helped the team promote the range to customers with a genuine passion and understanding of the benefits. “Staff get a small commission for retail sales as special incentives, but they really don’t need to as they love it,” said Josie. “They love being able to transform a client’s unruly or damaged hair.”

To the day, KeraStraight still provides Josie’s stylists with regular training sessions, which are a constant source of inspiration. “Even though they’ve all done KeraStraight now for years, our team still learns something new whenever Jez does a training session. There is nothing better than hands-on training.”

Between training, Josie and her stylists keep their knowledge refreshed with the help of the technical support right here in our help centre. B in the City’s team also help each other in team meetings by sharing tips, new products updates and one-to-ones.

When we asked Josie about her favourite treatments and the salon’s top sellers, she said, “KS Ultimate is amazing! We can certainly tell if we have a week without KS Ultimate. Heather’s favourite choice (an amazing stylist with 20 years’ experience) would either be the Intense Boost, Ultimate Oil or Rescue Cream. She couldn’t pick one as they are all so good!”

Hair and beauty at its best

After seeing a dramatic boost in cash flow and transaction value, Josie has been impressed with the effect of KeraStraight on her business. “Without any doubt, KeraStraight has created new business for our salon,” she said. “The KS Style products and Ultimate Oil have led to more treatment consultations. Plus, the length of time we’ve been using the treatments and our knowledge helps us ‘sell’ the service. If we have a lower than expected week’s sales, it’s always because we have not had a KS service that week.”

KeraStraight has definitely changed the way that Josie runs her business, and it can change the way you run your business too. Speaking about the way that our products have been integrated in day-to-day salon use, Josie said: “KeraStraight has become cultural in our team, most definitely. They just love the results they get and seeing the clients’ reactions. My stylists love KeraStraight, clients love it and I love the massive benefit to my business. I asked a client what she liked about KeraStraight. She said, ‘It has changed my life!’”